DevExec World 2018 is the convergence of hundreds of developer managers and developer executives in the SF Bay Area, with the goal of education and open discussion on the best practices of managing dev teams. Co-located with DeveloperWeek 2018, DevExec World will host town halls, featured talks, and roundtable talks.

While managing developers is a growing industry, there are not a lot of resources available for “Dev Managers” to exchange their knowledge, learn from one another, and understand the Dev Manager career path. DevExec World will become the annual meeting place for the Dev Manager community to accelerate their careers and companies.

How to hire developers

Whether you are a seed stage startup or a large enterprise, you will be competing with all other hiring managers for the top developer talent. Where are the developers, and how do you attract them to your company?

  • What is the make-up of an ideal developer team?
  • Hiring for startups vs. the enterprise
  • Where to find different types of candidates
  • How to incentivize developers & out-compete other hiring firms

Scaling & managing a development team

Sometimes our development teams scale slowly over years, and sometimes we need to add a lot of developers fast. What are the growing pains facing the scaling of your development team?

  • What are the roles of a large development team & how do they change
  • When to retrain vs. hire in scaling a development team
  • Technology stack choices for a growing team
  • DevOps & infrastructure for scaling development
  • Fostering a healthy culture & diversity program

The Dev Manager & Dev Executive Career

The path from developer to Dev Manager to Dev Executive / CTO is never a straight path. Sometimes we rise linearly through an organization, sometimes our startups are acquired and we’re absorbed into a larger company, sometimes we get graduate degrees to be placed higher in the company. What does each role do, and what are the paths for advancement?

  • What does a Dev Manager do?
  • How close should the Dev Manager be to the code?
  • Role of vendor procurement & review
  • From Dev Manager to Dev Executive
  • How to retain senior developers & Dev Managers

Emerging Developer Technologies

The landscape of new developer technologies from DevOps and Containers to Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain seem to change every year. What emerging technologies should Dev Executives know about?

  • VR Dev
  • Artificial Intelligence Dev
  • Containers
  • Serverless Dev